Marlon Brand



Introducing Marlon Brand, a loving father, devoted husband, and family-oriented man who has built a successful career working from home. Marlon cherishes the flexibility of being close to his family while pursuing his passion for entrepreneurship

His Mission

His mission is to teach other families and entrepreneurs how to achieve the same balance and optimize productivity so they can spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Marlon’s journey to success was filled with challenges. He faced failure four times before finally creating a sustainable business that grew to multiple six figures. Marlon initially built a thriving brick-and-mortar business, but unfortunately, was destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This setback allowed him to pivot online and quickly establish multiple successful businesses.

As the CEO of Metaplexus in 2022, Marlon impressively scaled the company from 15k to 5 million in just one year. Unlike many business coaches and consultants who primarily teach, Marlon has firsthand experience building prosperous businesses. He now shares the timeless business principles he learned from these experiences with his clients.Since the pandemic, Marlon has guided numerous people to become successful six-figure earners and has facilitated the growth of two business owners to reach multiple seven-figures in revenue.

Business Building Experience

Marlon not only brings a wealth of practical business-building experience to the table, but he is also a well-rounded individual with diverse talents and interests. He has demonstrated discipline, focus, and grit through his 11 years of devotion to boxing, having competed in the Chicago Golden Gloves twice. In addition, he is a musician, having played the drums for over a decade, and a music producer using Ableton.

These experiences and skills further enhance his ability to offer valuable insights and guidance to those seeking to grow their successful enterprises.

Don’t be misled by Marlon’s remarkable achievements – he’s also one of the most humorous and creative people you’ll ever encounter. Quick-witted and clever, Marlon is sure to make you laugh and keep you engaged.

Marlon’s website serves as a hub for connecting with others, sharing experiences, and assisting individuals from all walks of life in their growth and development. Whether you’re a parent, entrepreneur, or just seeking self-improvement, Marlon is dedicated to sharing his journey and providing valuable guidance at every step.

As a bonus, Marlon generously offers a wealth of free resources for entrepreneurs at various stages, from those contemplating starting a business to those looking to scale.

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